How do you ‘spend’ your time

I mentioned in a previous post that I was engaging an accountant to do the set up of my new business. While this may seem an excessive, unnecessary upfront cost to some, I had a few factors that helped make this decision easy:
– I hadn’t dealt with creating a business in any way before,
– It would consume multiple, frustrating hours,
– I would depend heavily on questionable google searches,
– I can already imagine the headaches I’d endure dealing with government requirements,
– I don’t know the shortcuts and loopholes that might be able to be capitalised on,
– I want to make sure the job is done right.

These above considerations clearly mean that the accountants fee is well worth it. They are experts in this space, having done the same process for multiple other companies. They invest their time in staying up to date with the latest in the space. They are passionate about this area.

By investing in experts for areas we know little about, we see huge benefits.
If there’s an area you’d like to know more about or see as a beneficial skillset, by all means invest the time in learning it yourself.

But remember, time is finite. Like dollars in a bank account we can’t replenish. We have a finite number of hours in life. Once we spend time on something, we can’t get it back.

*One important point to make here is that rest is also an important way to spend time. You’ll notice your productivity skyrocket when you are adequately rested. If you feel yourself getting moody or going in circles, take a break, rest up, refresh *

Make sure you’re spending your time in ways that bring about maximum benefit for you.

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