Enjoy the small moments

Often we get so tied up in what we’re doing that we forget to appreciate the small joys that are going on around us.

For me today it was enjoying a giggle at a 50kg great dane puppy at a cafe who leant on everyone who patted him, to the point where he only had two legs left on the ground. He was in absolute bliss.

For others, it may be when a child does something new or cute, how a machine moves or is fixed, a picture of a cute calf sent by a friend or posted on a blog, the warmth of the sun, how the sunshine filters down through trees, the waves at the beach, it may even just be the warm coffee on a cold morning.

The moments we take joy in show us what lights us up. These are things we must pursue more of, and make time for in our day-to-day lives.

One of my friends has been writing a daily gratitude journal for over a year now, with no plan to stop any time soon. She’s noticed the positive change it makes to her wellbeing through hard times.
This friend also sends out daily positive quotes to spread positivity to those around her. Last Sundays quote was ‘a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles’. You can read this however you like, but I choose to interpret it as meaning the more we appreciate the small things, the more we’ll continue to notice things that bring us joy, seemingly, the more joy we’ll attract.

Today I’m going to find three things that I am grateful for.

Take time to smell the roses (and enjoy the calf pic).

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