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Just a cheeky blog of a restless engineer chasing adventures for new experiences and to keep learning new skills.

Making some changes in my life, so thought I’d share the journey.

So far my key learning has been: take the leap. If a place or a job or a situation or a person isn’t healthy for you, leave. You will create space for other amazing things to come your way.

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Comfort through energy

Stick with me. I know the concept of ‘energy’ (outside the electrical type of energy) can seem a bit woo-woo. If you think too deeply, the electrical energy is a bit beyond belief too – something that we can’t see, calculated with imaginary numbers, yet we see the outcomes and understand a bit about howContinue reading “Comfort through energy”

Comfort in new situations

I noticed this week that I walk into a workshop and feel comfortable, even if it’s one I’ve never been in before. I’m happily able to hold conversations with the people, be aware of my surroundings, and occasionally say something mildly intelligent about the work going on. I observed this week that one of theContinue reading “Comfort in new situations”

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Engineer in search of adventure.
Engineer determined to create a life filled with adventure.
Too many of us allow ourselves to be people pleasers, climbing the corporate ladder because it’s what we’ve been told we should want.
How often do we stop to question if we actually want what we’ve been chasing?
Let’s do it before we’re too old to act on it.