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Hey there!

Just a cheeky blog of a restless engineer chasing adventures for new experiences and to keep learning new skills.

Making some changes in my life, so thought I’d share the journey.

So far my key learning has been: take the leap. If a place or a job or a situation or a person isn’t healthy for you, leave. You will create space for other amazing things to come your way.

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Jack of all trades, master of none.

If you speak confidently enough on any topic, some of your audience will consider you an expert. I once made an instagram story walking along a beach talking about sand dunes.My knowledge on the topic came from a few things I’d heard growing up, a little googling for key terms, and literally just taking time…

Country social

City or country? Which one do you count yourself amongst? I like to think I’m half-half, but I had a sharp reality check tonight in Mudgee when I ran into two people I’d seen around town. The first, who I hadn’t seen since I was last here a month ago, invited me to have a…

Don’t do things tired

So often we find ourselves tempted to get things done while tired. Send that email, drive from A to B, talk to that person.Yet all too often, we don’t get the result we wanted.I find emails I write tired are worse than emails written with alcohol in my system.We all know driving tired is hazardous…

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About Me

Engineer in search of adventure.
Engineer determined to create a life filled with adventure.
Too many of us allow ourselves to be people pleasers, climbing the corporate ladder because it’s what we’ve been told we should want.
How often do we stop to question if we actually want what we’ve been chasing?
Let’s do it before we’re too old to act on it.