Create space

So often in our lives we are on a mission. We’re going to get groceries, we’re going to do that thing for work, we’re going to milk the cows, we’re very busy and important.
Even when we do have downtime, we often fill it with other things – cleaning, children, doing odd jobs we know need doing. In amongst all that we need to make time to do things that fill us up.
Part of this is societal conditioning – we think if people are busy, they must be important, they must be successful. It’s viewed as something to aspire to.
It’s something we need to snap out of.

I love the analogy of filling up your own cup first, then filling others. You can’t fill others’ cups if yours is empty. You need to look after yourself before you can look after others (to the best of your ability).

I am guilty of this. I carved out time and sat down last week to write a blog post…. and instead spent four hours cleaning the house (that isn’t even mine. haha)
A blog post is a way I reconnect with myself and release what is happening in my head. By procrastinating on it, I was procrastinating on addressing what was calling to me in my mind.

What I’ve begun to notice is that if you’re always distracted running towards something, you never have space for the right things to find you.
Read: partner, dream job, new opportunities.

Sometimes we need to create mini-vacations for ourselves, retreat into a room, find a shady tree in a park, take a few days away, and disappear for a while.
By creating this space, it not only helps us reprioritise ourselves and sort through the mess in our heads, it also creates space for our head and heart to find flow. This then attracts the right kind of energy into your life to help you grow.

Prioritise yourself and finding time for calm amongst the storm.
Take a pause.
Recentre yourself.

Create space for great things to come your way.

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