So I quit my job…

I’ve always been someone who needs adventure. Never someone who can sit still for long.
Previously I was able to satisfy this need with a holiday, and be able to return to work refreshed.

This time it didn’t work.

I tried holiday after holiday, but nothing removed the feeling of exhaustion from returning to a job that wasn’t satisfying my need for adventure or freedom. I was drained.

So I quit.
Note to keep it real: This was far from as impulsive as it sounds. It was a long time of trying different solutions to the situation. My key personality strength is Restorative (in the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment), meaning I like to fix things.

But where to from here?
It may seem like I’m leaping with no safety net, but it feels right.
Rather than a job as a safety net, I have one made of amazing people I’ve come across in my life who have offered opportunities, and I’ve managed to save up enough from working in mining that I’m OK for a while. (There will definitely be a blog post on the trap of mining at some point)

I want to get it right this time.
I don’t want to flop from job to job, endlessly searching for something that seems just out of reach – something I can’t even identify, but I know I haven’t found it yet.

Of course I have no intention of finding a ‘retirement job’. This is something I know I don’t want. I know that I have a need for constant learning, problem solving, changing, experiencing. I just want to take some time to course correct.

Find some breathing space. Change gear.

Constantly chasing something unknown hasn’t worked for me. It’s also exhausting. So I’m going to try creating some space. Releasing control a little. Allow what energises me and feels right to find me

Let’s see where this journey leads.

An accidental day in Vis, Croatia when I got a little lost and jumped on the wrong ferry from Split.
One of the most beautiful unexpected days of my trip.
It’s ok to get a little lost sometimes.

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